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Wondering what to wear in Arizona in winter? I’ve got you covered! As a native to cold weather climates, I didn’t think I would ever need a winter coat living in the desert. Owning and managing short term rentals has opened my eyes to a whole world of people asking me what to pack, how the weather is, where things are located, what the best place for food and drinks are, where to take their kids, and many more questions. This is one topic I love talking about because it ties all of the things I do together!

If you didn’t know, Arizona has a winter. And it snows and rains much like everywhere else in the world. We get down to freezing temps at night, and usually up in the 50s or 60s during the day. People come and swim in pools with heaters, ski up north, go hiking around the city, run without breaking too much of a sweat, and walk in peace. Our girls are in club swimming and they swim year round outside. Thus, a parka and winter boots are needed for early morning swim meets — things I NEVER thought I’d wear outside of the Midwest!

Winter Temperatures in Arizona

The winters of Arizona are pleasant for most parts. The temperature during winter mostly ranges from 25-45 degrees Fahrenheit with an average maximum of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because the elevation of the state ranges between 1400 to 5000 feet above sea level, which acts as a climatic control for this part of the country by cooling down summers. And not allowing the temperature to go up during winters. The elevations are the reason for the difference in temperature pattern of winter between Arizona and its neighboring states of California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico.

Snowfall is rarely seen in most parts of Arizona with exception of Flagstaff where it can reach 2 feet on average per season if not more. This is also the only place where winters can feel colder than in other parts of Arizona. However, in Tucson and Phoenix, the lowest temperature that has been recorded during winter is around -9 degrees Fahrenheit in all likelihood. And hence there is no need to take any special precautions for clothing in these two cities. It should be noted that in higher elevations like Flagstaff and Payson, the chances of getting significant amount of snowfall is high. And hence it becomes necessary to take precautions for proper winter clothing so as to be safe from the cold climate.

In terms of dressing up, there is not much difference in what you may normally wear during winters anywhere else in the country since Arizona’s temperatures are pretty moderate.

The only thing that you need to take care of is the fact that the nights are much colder than the days in this region. So dress appropriately for your nighttime activities. Also, it should be noted that while wearing light colors like white during winter might keep you warm, it also makes you more susceptible to dust and other outdoor elements. So choose carefully what you wear.

For most parts of Arizona, the winter months are very comfortable and unless you are one of those people who gets cold very easily, there is hardly any requirement for residents to invest in winter clothing, such as jackets and sweaters etc. This does not mean that such items should never be bought because it will get cold at night.

I always recommend a light jacket or sweater for the night because when the sun goes down, there’s no heat. It’s important to remember this when you start packing, especially if you plan to travel to see what all of Arizona has to offer, like the Grand Canyon and many of the National Parks for hiking.

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What To Wear In Arizona In Winter

If you are looking for a place to stay for your trip to Arizona, no matter the time of year, check out our short-term rentals, which I’m always adding more and more each quarter! Now let’s get to outfits you can wear in Arizona and what to pack for your Arizona trip!

Casual Dresses

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A casual dress is always a staple in the packing list because it can be worn in so many ways. You can wear it in the morning under a sweater or with a coat. And dress it up at night when you want to go out. I love to throw on a hat to help block the super bright sun during the day and also add a little to the look. If you want to pack only 1-2 pairs of shoes, you can pair your casual dress with a pair of hiking or combat boots and save room in your suitcase.

Make sure to pack long and short-sleeved dresses to wear throughout the day and night. You can mix a dress with a fleece jacket or a sweater because the temps allow in the morning and night. During the day, you can opt for a lighter option, or the dress alone.


Hold up, don’t forget the sunscreen! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean those rays from the desert sun won’t find their way to your skin. So slap on some SPF and protect yourself from the sun’s sneaky tricks. Wear sunscreen often if you don’t want to end up looking like a lobster, trust me on this one.

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Fleece Jacket with Tank Top and flip flops for day or hiking boots for the trail

A fleece jacket is always a staple for early mornings and late evenings. They are warm enough to cut the wind and cold. But light enough to get the job done when temps get into the 60s with sun during the day. And if you pair it with a short sleeve shirt or a tank top, it’s the right amount of warm and cool. You can even use this as a hiking outfit with leggings and boots or casual with flip flops or sneakers. Dress this outfit up by trading in the leggings for a pair of vegan leather joggers like the ones I’ve included in the photo. You will have a bit of texture and shine while keeping you comfy and chic for any event you attend! During the day, you can also ditch the fleece but keep it nearby for later in the evening!

Long sleeved tops and Joggers or Jeans for day time and also night layered with a coat

I don’t know about you, but I love to be comfy, no matter the time of day. The whole notion of Zoom meetings has

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brought on the ability to have a nice top on and have comfy pants, which I’m a fan of. So I love to wear a jogger or even jeans as a pant. And pair it with a nice white button-down, which looks very professional and presentable yet gives the comfort I’m looking for. You can mix and match these items with a fleece jacket or light coat for evening to dress it up or make it feel casual and warm. Grab a pair of sneakers to keep your feet warm when you are out and about. But for sure put on the slippers or flip flops when you are home! Here are my favorites from Wkndnation.com and they are so easy to wear!

Scarves and Beanies

Who says winter fashion in Arizona can’t be stylish? Add some pizzazz to your outfit with a stylish scarf and a cute beanie. Not only will they keep your neck and head cozy, but they can also add a pop of color or pattern to your overall ensemble. Plus, you can pretend you’re a chic desert explorer while sipping hot cocoa by the fire. Fashion and warmth? Sign me up!

Tee shirts and jeans with flip flops and sneakers

The winter time of the year is still good to wear flip flops during the day and sneakers in morning and night. The perfect pairing is with a tee and some jeans. You can throw on a jacket or sweater on early mornings and cold nights to keep the chill away. As well as easily shedding layers when you go inside to warmer places. This outfit lends itself to

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easily running errands. Taking the kids or dog on a walk, or even heading to a casual lunch or dinner with a friend. Jeans are a must for any packing list when visiting Arizona. Because they are a staple in any winter wardrobe cold or warm. If you need some sneaker inspiration, check out this post of some of my favorite brands.

Alternatively, you could pop on a skirt and wear booties with a tee shirt for a warmer day. And keep a sweater or jacket close by. This is a great option especially if you are going to lunch or even a work meeting when you don’t have to be outside a lot and can change for the evening temperatures.

Faux Leather Leggings and tee or sweater

By far, my most worn outfit of all of winter, because it’s so versatile. Spanx and other brands of faux leather leggings can be dressed up with some heels. Or even made casual with hiking boots and sneakers to hike the red rocks. They get me from drop off to late nights of swim practice. And everything in between with a sweater and a t-shirt. I love how they hold me in but also how they actually can help keep you warm. Sometimes more-so than jeans. You could even wear them to go skiing up north because they are so well made. Start your day with leggings, a sweater, and some boots. Hit mid day and shed the sweater or jacket and switch for sneakers or flip flops. And then finish the day with another sweater or jacket, and some heels for dinner and drinks.

Hiking Shoes

If you plan on exploring Arizona’s beautiful landscapes and hitting up those hiking trails, a good pair of hiking shoes is a must. Trust me, your feet will thank you for the support and grip they provide. Plus, they’ll keep your tootsies safe from any prickly cacti you might encounter along the way!

Or in my case, a swim parka and warm boots!

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This outfit makes it easy to look put together or get out the door asap with a few simple things. You could pack only faux leather leggings in your suitcase and wear them daily. And for going out and never have the same outfit. Make sure you own at least one pair of the Spanx leggings. They are worth EVERY penny! I own nearly every pair they make and love them all equally. And are the most worn pants in my closet. They also work for warmer days as well as cooler days depending on the top and shoe you choose to wear.

Snug Socks

Finally, don’t forget about your precious feet! Treat them right with some snug socks. Look for pairs made from cozy materials like wool or thermal blends. Not only will they keep your piggies warm and happy, but they’ll also make sure your feet are ready for any hiking adventures or walks through picturesque Arizona towns.

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I hope this post helped you decide what to wear in Arizona in winter!

Arizona winters are a bit of a paradox. It’s cold but also warm. It’s sunny but also dry. And it’s a great time to visit Arizona’s many attractions, from the iconic Antelope Canyon to the beautiful Sedona. But what should you pack for Arizona winter? Here are a few suggestions:

First, Arizona winters can be chilly, so make sure to pack some warm clothing. A light jacket or sweater will do the trick. Secondly, Arizona is known for its hot summers, so don’t forget to pack your bathing suit! Even in winter, you may find yourself wanting to take a dip in one of Arizona’s many pools or lakes. And lastly, Arizona is a great place to hike and explore, so make sure to pack your hiking boots and some comfortable clothes. With these essential items, you’ll be ready to enjoy everything Arizona has to offer during wintertime!

What To Wear In Arizona In Winter - AJ | Lifestyle Blog (2024)
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